Stimulus and EHR Incentives

Money on the Table:  Call us to understand what dollars are still available and how to get them.

Implementation does not have to be painful.  Every medical office’s workflow is different and your EHR Implementation must be flexible.  Most companies doing implementation are pre-structured regardless of your workflow.  Your software should accumulate you not the other way.

Other Money on the Table:  Besides Medicare and Medicaid many other insurance carriers are implementing their own incentive programs.

The Carrot and the Stick:  We are in the providing money for implementation stage but soon we will be in the penalty stage.  If you haven’t started the process, call us today to get complete information.

Qualified Technicians:  Most vendors should know their software but most are not certified and train on both Microsoft and Hardware.  We have been building Servers and workstations since 1995 as an Intel integrator and Microsoft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)


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